“Carrie Bachman has done a superlative job and has definitely set up the best organized, varied, significant, and notable tour I have ever experienced”

Jacques Pepin

“Carrie Bachman has carefully orchestrated numerous book tours for me, and working with her was a dream each time. She has an immense store of contacts, everyone loves working with her, she is creative and seemingly unflappable. I would follow her lead anytime!”

Patricia Wells

Author of Vegetable Harvest

“Italians have a saying that goes, “There is lots of smoke there, but not much roast, ‘ c’e tanto fumo, ma poco arrosto’.” It is an observation that applies to most of the cookbook publicists we have known. And in more than 30 years of writing cookbooks we have known them all. Carrie Bachman is different. She is all roast and no smoke. No one is more diligent or as canny in making placements for a cookbook. It isn’t just her intelligence or her experience or her conscientiousness that make her so successful. She has the priceless advantage of being liked and respected by everyone she deals with. We have retired from cookbook writing, and it is unlikely that we can be induced to go back to work in the kitchen, but if we were to do another cookbook it would be only if Carrie were publicizing it. ”

Marcella and Victor Hazan

Authors of Marcella Says...

“Carrie Bachman was enormously helpful in hleping publicize Chez Panisse Fruit. Shi is thorough and assertive and understands the cookbook market very well.”

Alice Waters

Author of Chez Panisse Fruit

“Carrie Bachman embodies all the qualities of the ideal publicist: honesty, efficiency, a sense of humor, and above all, an ability to deliver excellent media coverage for the books she handles. I’ve worked with Carrie on 4 of my own books at HarperCollins and also on Baking with Julia, when she was with another imprint. Each time resulted in great TV, radio, and press coverage. If I have an opportunity to hire a freelance publicist in the future, it will definitely be Carrie – she is a pleasure to work with.”

Nick Malgieri

Author of Perfect Light Desserts

“Carrie Bachman is the most brilliant publicist in the USA. Her ‘can do’ attitude is like a breath of fresh air and her calmness, organizational skills and keen intelligence are her greatest assets. Carrie was extremely comforting to me when I was on my book tour around America in 2007 -being a long way from my Sydney home was quite daunting at times, but Carrie just seemed ‘to make it all better’ – she constantly ‘looked out for me’, like a mother with her child and she gave me strength, knowledge and courage when I was doing the most challenging presentations. It is an honour and indeed a privilege when you are presented with Carrie Bachman as your publicist.”

Kylie Kwong

Author of Simple Chinese Cooking, TV host of Simply Magic and owner of billy kwong's restaurant in Sydney

“Efficient. Friendly. Creative. Forthright. Committed. I could go on but the point is that Carrie Bachman is the consummate publicity professional. It is difficult, if not almost impossible, to please authors and agents as well as publishers, but Carrie does it. And nobody does it better.”Harriet Bell, cookbook editor HarperCollins/William Morrow

Harriet Bell

Cookbook editor HarperCollins/William Morrow

“Carrie Bachman is a treasure! I loved working with her. Her intelligence is impressive, and her energy is amazing. Her great enthusiasm made promoting my books such a pleasure. And Carrie is a really kind, caring person. Most importantly, she gets results! She is respected by the media. When she promotes a book or a person, they take notice!”

Faye Levy

Author of Feast from the Mideast